The New AFGE 1101 Web Site is now in operation.  In this spot we will have a news.
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Welcome to the new AFGE 1101 Web site. 

We have added added new pages and updated old material.  We do need you, the members to give us input to allow us to make this site work for you. 

 Added pages are:

  •  Discussion page: An area to post information, issues, questions and answers.  We would like this sub-site to be a "meeting in progress".  This will be a good area to post ideas, and topics to be discussed at Membership Meetings.  This will be password protected later.
  •  News - President's Page: This page is where the Union President can post articles, information you need, and news of events.  We are going to make this material searchable so you can go back through the articles.
  •  Services: What can do has changed or been modified by political events.  There is a new Negotiated Agreement that is a little different from previous versions.  So check here for what we can to for you and how to contact us.
  •  Feedback, Contents, Search: These buttons have been placed at the top of every page to help with navigation and questions you might have as you go through the site.  Please, use them.  We would like this site to be a useful tool and allow us to help you better.  

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) page has been split into two pages to help you find information.  The MOA_frame is a simple document meant to be read through or copied in its entirety.  The Table_and_MOA is the contract is menu form.  The pull down menus list the MOA under various topics and methods.  This way you can just pull up the MOA article you need in a pop-up window. 

The purpose of this site is you, the membership.  Through your input and use it  can be a great way of communicating.  It cannot take the place of your talking to us at the Membership Meetings, but it can help us keep in contact during the busy day.


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Last modified: 06/20/04