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by Alex Gimarc                                Mon., September 27, 2010

Interesting Items 9/27 -

Howdy all, a few Interesting Items for your information. Enjoy –

In this issue:

1. Earthquake
2. Lisa
3. Absorb
4. Paychecks
5. Berwick
6. Sanchez
7. Costco

1. Earthquake. Last Monday, Anchorage got thumped by a 4.9 magnitude earthquake around 1:24 PM. There was an initial jolt followed by an extended shaking. It was centered less than 15 miles west of town at a depth of 25 miles. It was the largest quake felt here in a year and a reminder that we will indeed do some rocking and rolling in the not so distant future. No damage or injury was reported.

2. Lisa. Lisa Murkowski stepped out smartly on her effort to waste $1.8 million in a write-in bid for reelection. Over the last week, her political operatives have questioned Joe Miller’s patriotism; questioned his taking $7,000 in farm subsidies while a farm owner in Kansas over a seven year period; questioned his taking an early out from the Army following the Gulf War and claiming he did not serve his full obligation – which is completely disingenuous, as we in the military serve at the discretion of congress. And congress decided that there would be a military drawdown following the Gulf War. Those that didn’t leave voluntarily were forcibly separated. She has been consistently calling him and his views extreme, as if balancing a budget by not spending any more than you are taking in or not believing in manmade global warming is extreme. She has also been working the typical scaremongering routine with the native corporations and native activists in the Bush, promising that all the free federal money to the Bush will disappear as soon as Miller is elected. She has been dismissive of democrat candidate Scott McAdams as being inexperienced. Het McAdams has more experience than Lisa had when her father appointed her as a US Senator eight years ago. The one thing missing from her scorched earth campaign is any reason to vote for her. If all she can do is call Miller names, why is that a reason to vote for her? Note that she dismissively and contemptuously refused all debates with Miller in the run-up to the August primary, citing her busy schedule in congress. She ended up doing a single 15-minute long joint appearance which was more of a pair of parallel statements than a debate. My guess is that she will split the democrat vote and the vote in Bush Alaska between her and McAdams.

3. Absorb. Bob Woodward is out with another one of his works of historic fiction. This one is an attempt to excuse to the left the conduct of the Obama administration and the war in Afghanistan. One line from the book is Obama’s contention that the US could absorb another terrorist attack. The context is that we must not overreact to such an attack like we did following 9-11. This line spun up all the usual suspects on both sides of the political argument, with Obama apologists doing the “So’s your old man” routine and conservatives filling themselves with righteous indignation. It’s a great riff, but not where I want to go with this item. My take is a bit different, for I believe that the learning objective here is not whether or not the US can absorb another terrorist attack. Rather it is whether the Islamist–friendly governments in the Middle East can absorb what we will do to them afterwards. To recap, there are two fewer Islamist-friendly government, two fewer terrorist supporting governments in the Middle East than there were in 2001 – Iraq and Afghanistan. Should another attack take place, and I believe it will, there are several other governments out there just begging for a visit. These include (in order): Saudi Arabia (the heart of the Wahhabi infestation of Islam); Iran; Syria; Hezbollah in Lebanon; Pakistan; and Yemen. There are others, but this is a good start. Should anything happen, we will do something in response – regardless of the particular infestation of the WH at the time of the attack.

4. Paychecks. The British tax agency has proposed an updated process that will ensure that it is able to collect all taxes owed. Rather than paying the employee directly and deducting taxes from the paycheck and sending the taxes to the government, the government will instead confiscate the paychecks entirely; deduct what it is owed; and send the remaining money to the employee afterwards. Paycheck confiscation is being sold as an efficiency improvement. And so it is. It also nicely demonstrates that to liberals, all money belongs to them – not to the people that earn it. Hot Air, Tues.

5. Berwick. President Obama appointed the new head of Medicare / Medicaid as a recess appointee. This was done so that Donald Berwick, who is a strong advocate of the British single payer health care system, wouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of a confirmation hearing. To date, Berwick has not managed to speak to congress though he controls a budget larger than that of the Pentagon. Hot Air Thurs. carried a video of Berwick dodging a video camera and hiding behind a phalanx of security as he ran away from questions. Interestingly enough, Berwick’s appointment ends in January when the new congress is sworn in. Depending on who runs the senate after January, we may or may not see another recess appointment to fill this position.

6. Sanchez. Loretta Sanchez (D, CA) was the lady that used voting of illegals to defeat “B-1” Bob Dornan by less than 1,000 votes in 1996. She is once again up for reelection. Interestingly enough, she is facing the same problem that Dornan did – the problem of changing demographics in her district. Sanchez played the Latino race card to the hilt to win in 1996 and has been playing the same shtick in elections for the last 14 years. But times change and so do demographics. Sanchez is facing an influx of Vietnamese immigrants in Orange County. And her opponent this time around is a citizen of Vietnamese heritage. Sanchez was caught on Spanish language Univision last week claiming that the Vietnamese are trying to take her House seat. One thing about democrats that base their entire lives based on race – and Sanchez is every bit as big of a race hustler as Jackson or Sharpton – is they always do best when they think that nobody is watching. She made her remarks on Univision in Spanish. Maybe that is the way that Univision covers politics.

7. Costco. A 38-year old Army veteran was gunned down by police in a Las Vegas Costco in June or July. He was had a concealed carry permit and was apparently shot while trying to comply with officer’s orders to disarm. On the face of it, the story is a great sadness. But as usual, there is a lot more to the story and there may be a cover-up by both the Las Vegas police and Costco itself. Coroner’s Inquest took place last week to determine which of two competing stories is true. The official police and Costco version is that the man was acting erratically, like he was drugged. Don’t know about the rules for concealed carry in Nevada, but up here, you do not carry if you are impaired with either drugs or alcohol. You just don’t do it. He was asked by a Costco employee to leave and he refused, noting that the store was not posted that concealed carry is not permitted. Somebody from Costco called the police. Nobody knows yet what the police were told. But they showed up loaded for bear. Costco also has internal video cameras in the store. The police claim that the cameras were temporarily out of service – which starts to smell like a cover-up. The family of the man has another version that has him trying to disarm in response to the shouted police orders and being gunned down while disarming. I do expect this to end up in civil court, with the very real possibility that both the Las Vegas police department and Costco being slapped with a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. The refusal of the police, prosecutors and Costco to release the tapes of the 911 call and the in-store video is very troubling and smells to high Heaven. This one is going to take a while to play out.

More later –

           - AG

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- Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

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