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Woodworm girl Chilkat tunic. This tunic is one of Anna's earlier works, and is currently housed in the Alaska State Museum in Juneau.

Anna Brown Ehlers
Chilkat Weaver

Anna's youngest daughter, Alexis, wears the Kéet Naaxein S'áaxw (Killerwhale Chilkat hat), which Anna recently completed.
Weaving and image from private collection.

Anna Brown Ehlers is a T'lingit Indian of the Raven moiety, Gaanaxteidí (Woodworm) clan, Yaay Hít (the Whale House) of Klukwan, Alaska, like her mother. Her father was an Eagle-Killerwhale from the Killerwhale Fin house of Klukwan (Kéet Gooshi Hít), making Anna Dakl'aweidí yádi, or a child of the Dakl'aweidí clan. Her ancestral village is in the heart of the valley that the Chilkat (Jilkaat Kwáan) T'lingit call their home. She lives in Juneau, Alaska, and has been weaving in the style of her ancestors for her entire adult life.

Anna is one of the most accomplished weavers of modern times. She has received several awards for her work, beginning with a major State of Alaska grant in 1983 for the intensive study of Chilkat weaving that allowed her to begin weaving full time. Since then, she has received three prestigious First Peoples Fund fellowships, and the inaugural United States Artists Rasmusson Fellowship in 2006, along with the Governor's Award in 2006. She has completed twelve full size weavings (blankets and tunics) in addition to several aprons and numerous smaller weavings. Anna began weaving as a young woman in 1982, and immediately became a student of the late Jennie Thlanaut (Shax'saani Kéek'), the most prolific weaver in the 20th century and the woman credited with preserving the knowledge of Chilkat weaving. Jennie was Kaagwaantaan (Wolf clan) and Gaanaxteidí yádi. Anna in turn continues to spread the knowledge of Chilkat weaving in seminars, conferences, and demonstrations throughout the United States.

Anna's work is featured in natural history and art museums, and private collections around the world. Her weavings are frequently found for sale in art galleries around Juneau and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. She is available for direct sales and commissions. Please call (907) 790-2503, or email anna@chilkatweaver.com. A few of the weavings in the Gallery may be available for purchase or commission. Please contact Anna for details.

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Anna Brown Ehlers

Juneau, Alaska
(907) 790-2503
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