How many great things in life began with a simple idea?  In fact, how many things in life can you name that DIDN'T begin with an idea?

Ideas are one of the greatest things (if not THE greatest thing) our minds can come up with.  And it's such a shame that so many good ideas go unknown, unnoticed, and unrealized simply because they weren't shared.  It doesn't matter whether it's an idea for an invention, a better way of doing business, a way we could all treat each other better, ways our government could improve it's function.... any strides we will make toward the best quality of life in Cordova will begin with an idea.

Town Meeting has been a great place for people to share ideas, and we've seen the results.
    -- Years ago, an organization had an idea to make funds available for a community to develop a community facility, and we shared that idea on the show.  Some local folks were listening, and got the idea to apply for those funds.  As a result, we have Children's Memorial Park behind the library/museum.
    -- Not long ago, someone had the idea that road signs to warn people to SLOW DOWN when approaching the crosswalks that go across the highway at the intersection by the High school should be erected.  They voiced that concern on Town Meeting.  Within a few days, the red and white signs you see up there now were put in place.
    -- After some road work was done on the section of the highway leading from the high school up to main street, the guard rail protecting the house next to the ball field was not replaced.  Someone decided that was a BAD idea, and called town meeting to voice their concern, saying that for the safety of those homeowners, and our drivers, the guard rail needed to be put back in.  Soon afterwards, it "reappeared".


In running your local radio stations, I am STRONGLY influenced by the ideas we get from listeners.  Whether it's adding new programming, dumping bad programming, improving existing programming, you name it -- ideas from the audience are GOLD.  I remember when I first got here, I used to read the tides incorrectly.  Someone called to help me, and I fixed it.  Did you know that the Tradio program came from a listener idea?  I didn't think of that!  It was a member of the audience!

Whether you call in an idea, or write it in an email, don't just sit on your good ideas and smother them.  Let them out and see how big a difference they can make.

(NOTE: if you're going to voice your idea in the form of a complaint, you might want to check the complaint section of this special section of the website for experienced-based advice on how to complain effectively without being a jerk  :-)

These presentations can vary so widely that it's early impossible to provide any kind of fill in the blank helper form.  If you'd like a skeleton form, look through some of the other sections for more specific ideas.

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