Join the online Group for Cordovan Parents

An opportunity for people involved with Cordova Kids to...

Learn about kid related activities:

tot time
family swim
library hour
group hikes

Ask questions and seek advice:

Help, my child is a biter
My teenager wont talk to me
Anyone have a crib for sale or loan?

Exchange ideas and provide support:

Here's how I got my child to love vegetables
A book I found is helpful .
Size 6 girls clothes up for grabs

1. Check it out and sign up by going to  At the top of the page, next to Yahoo Groups, click the sign up link.

2. Follow the instructions to create an ID and email account. (If you already have a Yahoo ID and email address you can skip this step.)  Unless you want a yahoo toolbar, make sure you remove the check from the box labeled yahoo toolbar.

3. Click that you agree to the terms and you will get to a registration page.

4. Verify your information then click Continue to Yahoo! Groups.

5. A Find a Group search window should appear. Type cordovakids in it and click search.

6. On the search results page, click the cordovakids link (or the picture of three kids in the snow) to get the Cordova Kids homepage.

7. On the right hand side is a join this group button. Click it and follow the instructions.

8. Click the join button on the bottom right corner and youre done.

9. After joining, just go to (if that doesnt work, use to read the latest messages or post your own by clicking on post in the blue box on the left hand side of the home page in a blue box.  You can also do things like add photos or, on the members link, add information about yourself.  Play around with it and have fun.

Need Help? Contact Eric at 3218 or Molly at 7858