Here, we invite you to take advantage of many free services for pet owners/animal lovers:

(1) If you LOSE your pet, let us know and we'll post a notice -- and consider sending us a photo of your pet IN ADVANCE so we can store it, and then post it here right away if there's a problem.  We can also scan pictures if you don't have email or a digital camera.

(2) If you FIND a pet, let us know and we'll post a notice -- and if you can send us a picture, that'll work even better

(3) If you're looking for a pet, or trying to find a home for one, we'd be happy to post that here too.

(4) If you have any news for pet owners, or thoughts about pet ownership, let us know and we'll see if it can be included here.

To send pictures or contact us, email, or you can also call 424-3796.

(POSTED 8/30/2015) Hello. we lost our cat Cusco over two weeks ago. He walked off once already but came back a week later... So we waited a while to see if he was going to come back but it's almost been three weeks since we've seen him.  Email: