When it comes down to it, Local Radio is a partnership between the operators and the listeners.  The more input and support we have from the audience, the more we can do for you -- whether it's preserving the programming we already have, or even bringing you more of the kinds of programs you want most.

    Without your input as a listener, we can't be at our best when we put programming on the air.  And without the support of advertisers and sponsors, Local Radio can't survive.

    We can't count on big out of town companies, and these stations receive NO GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY.  So it's us to us -- CORDOVANS -- to make sure Local Radio can be there to bring us the services that only KLAM and KCDV can provide.

Advertisers: (Usually businesses/organizations)

    When you become an advertiser on Local Radio, you accomplish a number of things:
    (1) You make it possible for Cordova to continue to have local stations.
    (2) You can reach anyone with a radio with your message.
    (3) You make money on your money -- because of our low rates, our advertisers routinely double their money.  And because we bill AFTER the service has been delivered, we'll have almost certainly helped you generate the money to pay the bill PLUS more on top of that.

    Of course, there's much more we can tell you when you give us a call at 3796 -- rate packages, strategies, copy planning and so on.  But one thing is certain -- we can't help your business thrive, OR keep local radio on the air, without local advertisers.  So let's talk soon about what Local Radio can do for YOU, while you make it possible for Radio to continue.

Program Sponsors: (Businesses/organizations or individuals/families)

    Businesses, organizations, and even individuals can be regular sponsors of KLAM and KCDV programming.  Without sponsors, special programming can't happen.  You may have heard us mention times when we've been nearly forced to cancel programs due to loss of sponsorship.

    For businesses and organizations, program sponsorship not only makes the program possible, but also generates powerful advertising exposure that gets your message out there to our audience.

    For individuals and families, coming aboard to support local programming preserves your favorite shows, and possibly helps us to create new ones.  Plus, you'll give us the chance to thank you for your support by including your name or family name in the program(s) of your choice.  CLICK HERE FOR A SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY FORM.

    Thanks for stopping by, and learning more.  If you're interested in getting involved, give us a call at 3796, or email