Why does a body become Autoimmune?

Autoimmune diseases are a disorder where the immune system is in a constant hyperactive state, perceiving body tissues or organs as the undesirable enemy. Immune systems in such hyperactive state would pick on a body organ or tissue and try to destroy it.

Examples of autoimmune disorders or diseases with an autoimmune component are: Crohn's, Lupus, Diabetes, Endometriosis, Psoriasis, Ulcerative colitis, Myxodema, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Grave's, Allergies.
I believe many other things 'get the blame' for what 2-butoxyethanol does.  From what I've learned about it, it is the primary cause of many things and seems to get the blame for absolutely nothing.
I saw the movie 3-13-05 on "saving millie" a treasure of a woman who came down with Parkinson's disease, too  young.  Michael J Fox came on at the end of the story, as he, too, has come down with Parkinson's. 
If it is causing this, something else will likely get the blame, as has been the case these past 70+ years since it was invented.
Then I wondered, "Is Parkinson's autoimmune?"  From what I found, the answer is, "Yes"

It is known to cause birth defects of brain tumors and leukemia.  I suspect much, much more ... such as diabetes type 2 that is insulin resistant, such as damage to any part of the body that someone could have from direct exposure ...

Do you have any thoughts on how to stop the autoimmune functioning of
the immune system?  I am giving serious thought to glyconutrients

But then, who cares what I think?

Maybe these could check for a parent or grandparent who had strong exposure to this chemical and came down with CFIDS, CFS or were a Vietnam Vet or a WWII vet or a 'gulf war syndrome' vet?

See if someone remembers their having a severe bout of 'flu-like' symptoms ... & an assortment of these symptoms thereafter ... and go from there.  When it's a direct exposure, then this fatigue will be there.  But if it's a birth defect ... maybe it won't be.


Soft tissue sarcomas - Could they be primarily caused by one chemical?
This is on the 'for sure' list of harm to the Vietnam vet.
There were 3 million Americans who served there.

Wow, I thought we would have to start looking at the BIG Picture of what 2-butoxythanol can & does do ... but this is almost unbelievable!

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Millie and Morton Kondracke  


Millie developed Parkinson's in 1987 at an age too young for the disease. 

It was mentioned that her child has a learning disorder - ADD. 

dies July 22, 2004 at age 64  *


His Book


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There is another chemical that won't show up in your blood and will harm you even more:



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