My monocytes absolute in my complete blood count are out of range.  They are 0.1 Some know what that is?

Pamela  3-16-05

What did your doctor think it meant?

Here are some definitions

[quote]Monocytes       Ref. Range 0.0 - 13.0

Monocytes are a type of phagocyte. These mature into macrophages, important germ eating cells. A low number can put you at a higher risk of getting sick from an infection, particularly those caused by bacteria.[/quote]

It says for the monocyte count (absolute) the range is 40-900

Well, this looks serious, and I suspect it goes on with those who have the CFIDS, which I suspect is caused by a chemical exposure.  Do you have fatigue and depression and sleeplessness ... quite a range of odd, seemingly unrelated symptoms

Do you remember a time when your eyes burned and hurt, & urine turned dark, and a horrible fatigue hit?


" Monocytes recognize a variety of microorganisms, especially gram-negative bacteria. Activated monocytes turn into macrophages that can engulf and destroy microorganisms and secrete a variety of cytokines that modulate the activity of other leukocytes."

There are some things to look into - to see whether 2-butoxyethanol has harmed someone.  If so, the monocytes may be part of what to look for in that 'picture'

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