Health Effects of Military who served in Vietnam

Not Dioxin? 

    Health ailments similar to vets of other periods?

from the most sure to the least:

(do these look like Korean vets? * Gulf war syndrome vets?)

Soft tissue sarcoma

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma NHL

Hodgkin's disease


Porphyria cutanea tarda * (in genetically susceptible individuals) * high blood sugar, low HGB this example

Respiratory cancers (lung, larynx, trachea)

Prostate cancer

Multiple myeloma

Hepatobiliary cancers

Nasal/nasopharyngeal cancer

Bone cancer

Female reproductive cancers (breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian)

Renal cancer

Testicular cancer


Spontaneous abortion

Birth defects

Neonatal/infant death and stillbirths

Low birthweight

Childhood cancer in offspring

Abnormal sperm parameters and infertility

Cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders

Motor/coordination dysfunction

Peripheral nervous system disorders

Metabolic and digestive disorders (diabetes, changes in liver enzymes, lipid abnormalities, ulcers)

Immune system disorders (immune modulation and autoimmunity)

Circulatory disorders

Respiratory disorders

Skin cancer

Gastrointestinal tumors (stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer)

Bladder cancer

Brain tumors? 
*   And what about the headaches?  *

This list of Vietnam Vet Health Concerns looks very similar to other periods 2-butoxyethanol may have been in the jet fuel that the Dioxin mix was mixed with ... that chemical's effects, too?

Any exposed to this 'Dioxin mix?'

DIOXIN MIX, M-8280A -- 6850-00N072524

CAS:1746-01-6 Fraction by Wt: 0.0005%
CAS:40321-76-4 Fraction by Wt: 0.0005%
CAS:39227-28-6 Fraction by Wt: 0.0005%
CAS:35822-46-9 Fraction by Wt: 0.0005%
CAS:3268-87-9 Fraction by Wt: 0.0005%
CAS:108-88-3 Toluene Fraction by Wt: 99.99%

Then your exposure is toluene, not dioxin MSDS

Toluene is a teratogen
meaning it harms the developing child

Toluene 2538, 1545, 1361 an organic solvent, can affect your brain
toluene inhalation experience - non EVOS

And do you remember a time when several in your group came down with the 'flu' and you felt bad since that time?

Someone has to be the advocate for those less fortunate.
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Consider the Middle Ages and the "bubonic plaque."  

The bacteria was found to enter through the eyes.

Which of these health ailments do you have? X

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