City Ordinances


The Ordinances of the City of False Pass are indexed below.

They have been transferred to a "portable document file" called a .pdf file. The only program that will open these files is a free program called Adobe Acrobat and most computer users already have this program. If you do not have this program, you can download it for free by clicking here, Acrobat. It is highly recommended because it is used for delivering long documents, brochures, manuals with schematics and pictures etc. on the Web.

Please choose the Chapter you wish to see and click on it. An Acrobat window will open and give you the Ordinance as it was originally formatted.

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: City Information
Chapter 3: Ordinances, Resolutions, Regulations
Chapter 4: Public Records
Chapter 5: City Council
Chapter 6: Mayor
Chapter 7: Council Meetings
Chapter 8: Council Procedures
Chapter 9: City Clerk
Chapter 11: City Attorney
Chapter 12: City Treasurer
Chapter 16: Fiscal Procedures
Chapter 17: Budget
Chapter 18: Audit
Chapter 19: Sales Tax
Chapter 21: Transient Bed Tax
Chapter 23: Real Property Acquisition, Management and Disposal
Chapter 24: Eminent Domain; Adverse Possession
Chapter 27: Disposition of City Owned Personal Property
Chapter 30: Public Safety Department
Chapter 31: Fire Department
Chapter 32: Electric Utility
Chapter 33: Municipal Marine Facilities
Chapter 34: Department of Public Works
Chapter 36: Water and Sewer System
Chapter 37: Solid Waste Disposal
Chapter 39: City Equipment
Chapter 40: City Property: Inventory & Files
Chapter 41: Street Names
Chapter 46: Fluoridation of Water Supply
Chapter 47: Intoxicating Liquors or Beverages
Chapter 48: Disaster Response Plan
Chapter 49: Animal Control
Chapter 52: Offences By or Against Minors
Chapter 54: Litter: Sanitation Measures
Chapter 56: Offenses Against Property
Chapter 57: Offenses By or Against Public Officers and Government
Chapter 58: Offenses Against Public Peace
Chapter 61: Motor Vehicles
Chapter 62: Control of Firearms, Deadly Weapons, Explosives, Fireworks
Chapter 66: City Elections
Chapter 67: Election Equipment and Materials
Chapter 68: Election Procedures
Chapter 69: Absentee Voting
Chapter 70: Review of Election Returns
Chapter 71: Contest of Election
Chapter 74: Responsibilities of Officers and Employees
Chapter 75: Personnel Policies

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