Updated December 18, 2006


Seven young Alaskan musicians specializing in instrumental Bluegrass and Jazz.

The Emeralds
Top: Eric Rodgers (guitar and mandolin), Martha Leffek (fiddle), Amanda Kerr (fiddle), Tyler Tornfelt (bass).
Bottom: Matt Crimp (fiddle), Ethan Barske (piano), Matt Smith (fiddle).

"Great tunes, great arrangements, and great playing!...Nice harmonies, and unisons, and piano work, and a really good variety of types and styles of fiddle music."

-Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

"Your band is awesome -- a bulldozer of sound! Fireworks, finesse, and integrity."

-Sam Bartlett

Now Playing: "Off the Edge" Sampler
Emeralds News

New Years Eve Reunion Gig at Organic Oasis
Monday, December 18, 2006

The Emeralds will be playing a "home for the holidays" reunion concert on New Years Eve,December 31st from 4 to 6 p.m. at Organic Oasis (2610 Spenard). With most of the Emeralds now off at college, don't miss this rare opportunity to come and hear some great music. You won't see us again until next summer!

Click here to order our latest album, Off the Edge. CDs will also be for sale at Organic Oasis on the 31st. We would love to autograph a copy for you!

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