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Alaska remote lodge and property for sale or lease

Trail Creek Lodge - Remote Alaskan Lodge for Sale or Lease - This 80 acre homestead parcel lies on Trail Creek, 118 miles north of Kotzebue, Alaska or approximately 160 miles above the Arctic Circle. This beautiful, isolated mountain valley is home to Dall Sheep, Arctic Grizzlies, Moose, Barren Ground Caribou, Musk Oxen, Wolves and Wolverine. Small game include Willow and Rock Ptarmigan, Arctic Fox, Red Fox, Lynx, Snowshoe Hare, Arctic Hare, Land Otter, Marmot, several species of squirrel, etc.

Trail Creek is a major spawning stream for Arctic Char, Chum Salmon and occasionally King Salmon. Arctic Grayling are the most frequently encountered year 'round fish.

This Fee Simple Deed for this 80 acre parcel also includes mineral rights, excluding oil and gas. there are no property taxes on this private inholding!

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Jake Jacobson has operated Arctic Rivers Guide Service from this base since the late 1960s. Most of the trophies taken here meet or exceed the record book minimums for Safari Club International and each year has seen one or more trophies receive a statewide award for placing in the top three for its species. Grizzly, Dall Sheep, Caribou and Moose taken within three miles of the 80 acre parcel have all received such awards. This is a top quality - a world class hunting and filming area. Hunting season is open for one or more big game species year 'round, with the peak time being Aug. 8through Oct. 10 annually.
During April and May components of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd (WAH) migrate northward and during July the "post calving aggregations" wander through the Western Brooks Range. From August through October, bands of WAH Caribou begin their trek south. Trail Creek was so named due to the deeply rutted Caribou trails which have been in use since before recorded history to the present. A prime time for viewing great numbers of caribou is July 10-18, when up to 100,000 have passed the homestead in one day. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game estimates the WAH Caribou to number in excess of 500,000 animals.
Waterfalls and aufice glaciers add to the picturesque beauty of the valley. Virgin wilderness makes wintertime cross country skiing uniquely satisfying.
This 80 acre parcel is the only privately owned land in this area of the Noatak National Preserve. Its all season landing strip consisting of a main runway and a cross wind strip gives this site a rare dependability in a region where most landing areas are on river bars subject to flooding. Location in the Preserve insures against other development. This is a private entrance into one of the world's last great undeveloped tracts of true wilderness. This property is for sale or lease.
As Jake is normally away from the office, operating Arctic Rivers Guide Service from late July through early October, and Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting in November. Please be patient .... We will answer your inquiries.
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All pictures on this page © J.P. Jacobson, 1997

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