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"On Saturday, November 13, 1976 an American Institution was born. That was the day Jeff Lowenfels' first garden column appeared on page 19 in the Anchorage Daily News. The column has appeared every week ever since and is now the longest running garden column in North America. This makes Jeff the Cal Ripkin of garden columnists. His fellow garden writers, however, knowing that Jeff is also an attorney, have dubbed him 'America's Dirtiest lawyer.' He likes to foster this image by almost never getting his car washed."

This web site is designed to supplement the information contained in Jeff's weekly column. When appropriate, for example, we will try and post pictures of the plants which Jeff addresses in his column. Or when Jeff notes a bunch of internet sites in his column, you will be able to find them "live" here so that you don't have to enter them on your own. There will be interesting links related to gardening as well. Unfortunately, we are not the best webmasters, so be patient and give us time to learn how to do some of these things for Jeff. He has agreed to be patient, too!

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And, don't forget, in addition to the Anchorage Daily News and this website, you can now call in your gardening questions AND speak to Jeff, live every SATURDAY MORNING FROM 10AM TO 12AM on "THE GARDEN PARTY WITH JEFF LOWENFELS," heard on SMART RADIO AM700 KBYR! You will be glad you did and, frankly, so will Jeff. He fears the day no one will call in and he has to talk the whole hour!

"Lifelong Gardener Jeff Lowenfels moved far from home and discovered writing, compassion for the hungry and, at last, microbes."

Here is the Anchorage Daily News article on Jeff, the "Uprooted Man" published Sunday, January 15, 2006.
What kinds of things does America's Dirtiest Lawyer do when he is not gardening or spending time with his family?

Well, according to the Wall Street Journal:
Here is the Anchorage Daily News article on Jeff and Wayne's best selling book, "Teaming with Microbes"
a must read for ALL GARDENERS!.

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