Circle Hot Springs Lodge

My favorite place in Alaska...

Take a relaxing soak in there outdoor pool - any day of the year !

Circle Hot Springs lodge

Circle Hot Springs is a rustic resort located 137 miles northeast of Fairbanks and only 75 miles south of the Arctic Circle, along the scenic Steese Highway and Circle Hot Springs Road.

It is a long drive on a winding gravel road and can be risky in the winter, but you will pass through pristine scenery along the Chatanika River and over 3,624 ft. high Eagle Summit - the highest road in Alaska. Take a right at the mining village of Central and go east for 8 miles more. You should call the lodge for current road conditions in the winter. For those opposed to driving - air taxi connections can be made from Fairbanks. Notify the lodge and they will be happy to pick you up at the airstrip just across the road.

Yes that says 28 BELOW ZERO - and this can be the high temperature for any winter day. Beware of the ice and don't grab anything metal with wet hands !!!

Come on in the water is wonderful !!

The pool is fed by a natural constant flow of hot water from the springs where the temperature is 139 degrees. The natural flow provides a complete turnover of water every 18 hours.

The effect on body and soul must be experienced to be appreciated. De-icing your hair is as simple as dunking your head! Although any time is a good time to visit Circle Hot Springs, winter is especially enchanting. There is just something surreal about the extreme temperature differences between the air and the hot steaming waters...

And at this latitude in the winter you have the added bonus of the Northern Lights putting on a free nightly light show!

Thanks for visiting Circle Hot Springs Lodge... my favorite place in Alaska.