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Harry O. Brown Trading, LLC's Wild Kobuk River Runners is an Alaskan river outfitter and river guide service specializing in river adventures on the National wild and Scenic Kobuk and Noatak Rivers. Savor the splendor of the Kobuk, Noatak and Gates of the Arctic National Parks.

We specialize in premium equipment and experienced Alaskan river guides. Inflatable rafts, canoes, catarafts and tent camps are available. Cabins available near Kobuk. Guided/Chartered fishing trips for sheefish, arctic char, salmon, grayling, pike and whitefish available.

Experience Alaska, and remember a lifetime.Ocelot raft

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P.O. Box 17 Kobuk, Alaska 99751 (907) 948-2150
P.O. Box 110605 Anchorage, Alaska 99511 (907) 345-5956
(907) 360-2412 cell/voice mail
E-mail kobukriverrunners@alaska.com

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