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(Updated May 17, 2006)

LAPP Resources, Inc. is an Alaska-owned independent energy exploration and production company based in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. We are active in natural gas exploration and development, and are also evaluating several wind energy sites in Alaska. Favorable wind sites will be instrumented, monitored, and developed as new wind farms.

Wind Energy Projects

Alaska has many favorable wind energy sites, but most are distant from large electrical power markets. Alaska has about 200 independent electric grids serving isolated villages. Most villages are dependent on diesel fuel for their electrical and heating needs. Higher oil prices in 2006 have meant hardship for many rural residents. In some cases this fuel is flown to the village due to the lack of other transportation options, adding to the already high fuel costs. Village-scale wind energy development may be an answer to high energy prices for villages in windy areas. The following map was published in 2006 by the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory based on annual wind power estimates made by AWS Truewind.

Image of Alaska Wind.

Rural Alaska Gas Project

LAPP Resources is conducting economic and geological studies in a number of areas of rural Alaska to quantify the smallest market which could be economically served by locally-produced natural gas. In conjunction with others interested in rural Alaska natural gas development, LAPP Resources has helped to pass new state legislation to allow low-cost access to and development drilling on State-owned land in rural Alaska. Regulatory changes were also made to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance without reducing environmental protections. Under previous State rules, regulatory costs could exceed the cost of drilling shallow wells, making many small projects uneconomic. More needs to be done in this regard to make small projects and shallow wells viable. In several areas of Alaska, shallow water wells also produce useful amounts of natural gas. The following image shows natural gas being flared from a shallow gas well at Houston, Alaska.

Gas flare, Houston 1.

Remote Sensing for Energy

We are researching low-cost exploration technologies which may be applicable to Alaska, and have completed a remote sensing research project, supported by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation and a rural electric co-operative, Naknek Electric Association.   The following Landsat image shows the Naknek region from Lake Iliamna in the north, Bristol Bay in the southwest, and Becharof Lake in the south. The southeast corner of fhe image shows the Pacific Ocean at Paule Bay. The Naknek River flows through the center of the image west from Naknek Lake to Bristol Bay. The Bristol Bay region is the focus of the State's newest lease sale, where several oil and gas leases were sold.

Image of the Naknek region.

Independent Oil and Gas Activities in Alaska

LAPP Resources is promoting Alaska as a favorable exploration and production destination for independent petroleum companies. LRI is one of the three founding members of the "Royalty Owners and Independents for Alaska, Inc. "(ROI for Alaska), a group formed by local independents to support independent development of Alaska's hydrocarbon resources.  ROI for Alaska's founders are Paul Craig (Trading Bay Energy), David Lappi (LAPP Resources), and Erik Opstad (Polar Energy) incorporated the organization in December, 1995.


David W. Lappi, President
LAPP Resources, Inc.
10600 Prospect Drive
Anchorage, AK 99507-6494
Telephone: +1 907 248-7188

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