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The following images are examples of Detlef Buettner's works not available as Limited Edition prints.
Each of the paintings was produced from an actual fish.
Please click on any of the images for a detailed view.

"15 lbs. Silver Salmon"
31 x 12 inches   Alaska 1992

29 inch Chum
"8 lbs. Chum Salmon"

29 x 10 inches   Alaska 1988

22 inch Pinksalmon
"5 lbs. Pink Salmon"
23 x 8 inches   Alaska 1992

32 inch Sheefish
"7 lbs. Sheefish"

32 x 12 inches
  Alaska 1993

13 inch Kokanee
 ¾ lbs. Kokanee"
13 x 4 inches   Idaho 1992

28 inch Laketrout
"6 lbs. Laketrout"

28 x 8 inches  Idaho 1993

You can order Limited Edition Prints by directly contacting the artist.
Please add $12.00 shipping costs per print inside US ($15.00 outside US) .
Send your order to:

Lifesize Fish
P.O. Box 211115
Auke Bay, AK   99821

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E-mail to Detlef Buettner 

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