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Virtual Alpha Micro

AM-100 emulator v 1.0 snapshot 10/29/2008



What is the Project?

Build an open source emulator for the AM-100 micro computer that runs on Linux, Windows, or Macintosh desktops and can run AMOS and all associated programs.  


What's New?

First update in ages. Moved pdf & tgz files, Added AM62 Owner's Manual I found elesewhere online.

Declaring final victory! Posting version 1.0  (just some minor fixes for more modern OS's).

One of the mirror sites went payware (???), so I changed all the links here to point back into my own (free) site. Also compressed all the PDF's for faster downloaded, and OCR'd them for enhanced usability.

NOTE: Reposting and/or mirroring of any of this material on any payware site is un-authorized!!!

Posting a version (0.904 snapshot) with floating point fixes and some fixes for newer versions of GCC.

Pointed most of the older tgz and pdf links to a mirror site

Posting a version (0.901 snapshot) with Macintosh OSX support and other minor fixes. Would post some AMUS magazine scans but AMUS management forbids...



Where is the Project at?

Done, as in I'm not doing any more with it (other than maybe keep it working with 'current' OS's).  Actually that's been the case since ~ 2005. My development effort was mostly in 2002, trailing off thru 2004.


Can I get the source and play with it? 

Yes !!

As the initial developer, I grant you a license subject to the term of the open source certified 'Q public license'.

You will need GCC in Linux or Cygwin (for windows).  I've tested with W98, W2K, WXP and Vista and it works for me with all of them but I've also had reports from people who can't get it to work at all in windows, especially W98.  It is no longer possible to run with just the cygwin dll, so get a full Cygwin install working first!

Obviously I once compiled it on a Mac as well, and I assume it would still compile there and maybe on other platforms, but doing so is likely to be more challenging...

Some portions of this work include material copy written by others, which in some cases I have not (yet) appropriately recognized. Please let me know if you observe such a situation and I will fix it.  I believe I have appropriate use permission for all material, especially including AlphaMicro material.


am100-1.00.tgz           10/29/2008 (1.0) release
am100-0.904.tgz          12/5/2005 (0.904) release
am100-0.901.tgz          10/20/2005 (0.901) release          10/20/2005 (0.901) release, DIMG for Macintosh OSX
amos50.tgz               AMOS 5.0 distribution (hopefully complete and unmodified)
amos46.tgz               AMOS 4.6 distribution with some diagnostics
it.bas                   Little basic benchmark program.  45:1 ?

am100 tech manual        Scan of AM-100 board(s) hardware manual  
am120 tech manual        Scan of AM-120 board hardware manual  
am200 tech manual        Scan of AM-200 board hardware manual  
am210 tech manual        Scan of AM-210 board hardware manual  
am300 tech manual        Scan of AM-300 board hardware manual  
am500 tech manual        Scan of AM-500 board hardware manual  

am62 owner's manual      Scan of AM-62  owner's manual (found elsewhere online)

wd16 tech manual         Scan of WD-16 manual
                        (describes the AM-100 assembler language instruction set)
AMOS User's Guide        Scan of AMOS User's Guide
AMOS Asm Lang Pgmr Guide Scan of AMOS Assembly Language Programmer's Manual
AMOS Monitor Calls       Scan of AMOS Monitor Calls Manual
AMOS AlphaLISP           Scan of AMOS AlphaLISP Manual
AMOS AlphaPascal         Scan of AMOS AlphaPascal Manual
AMOS AlphaFIX            Scan of AMOS AlphaFIX & DDT Manual
AMOS AlphaVUE            Scan of AMOS AlphaVUE Manual
AMOS AlphaBasic          Scan of AMOS AlphaBasic Manual
AMOS AlphaBasic (old)    Scan of older version of the AMOS AlphaBasic Manual
AMOS Basic XCALL subs    Scan of AMOS AlphaBasic XCALL Subroutines Manual
AMOS ISAM System         Scan of AMOS ISAM System User's Manual
AMOS 4.5 Sys Cmd Ref Man Scan of AMOS 4.5 System Commands Reference Manual
                         - One (usually more) pages on every amos command!
                         - indexed for easier lookup...
AMOS 4.5 Software Update Scan of AMOS 4.5 update documentation
                         - documents the standard AlphaBasic .SBRs
                         - documents some less used commands like DUMP, EDIT, and PDL
                         - lots of "system operator" info like: how to setup the system.ini
                           file, how to setup the printer spooler, how to setup banked switched
                           memory, and so forth
AMOS TXTFMT User's Man.  Scan of AMOS TXTFMT User's Manual

AMUS Monitor Articles    Scan of series of AMUS articles on AMOS monitor

Mike Noel, last update 3/15/2011