Rant and Raven Morris


 20th Anniversary Year (1994 to 2014)




Practice is at 6:30 PM at the Fairview Recreation Center in midtown Anchorage.   At least till the end of May 2015.



We are closing on our last year.  It seems that way as we are less in number than we should be.  Not without trying. 


The 20th Anniversary was more than we could hope for in so many ways.  Our good friends from the Northwest and new friends from England as well as a good midwestern friend helped us make a mark.  One last push to keep us going is in the works.  Here is hoping it works. We trust everyone will have a good year and forthcoming years.  Morris Dancing has been one of the most intriguing and exciting and yet terrifying experiences I have had.  The music, the people, the crazy stands. I have enjoyed it from day one.....

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Original website info just below for posterity's sake.  Photos will be updated on the photo page as I get some submissions


Just so everyone can see one of our performances from years past, here is a link to one in 1998 courtesy of Bob MaCarthur.  We are at 1:45:45 into the filming.  This was at the Anchorage Folk Festival of 1998.

Morris Dancing in Alaska.  We work to provide a traditional dance (somewhat) that has been practiced for several centuries in England.  Our small part in helping keep this tradition alive and it bring it to this part of the world is to make sure it rewards you by enjoying our performance as much as it rewards us to perform.

Each dance may have a historical meaning that has been carried forward, modified, and consequently performed by subsequent Morris Sides such as ours. As such, it is a living tradition that is subject to change and interpretation.  Enjoy, take part, and know that this living history is part and parcel of the world community.


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    What dances do we perform, practice and generally just try to become more proficient in???

             Border, Cotswold, Northwest

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    Claire and Karen playing in Rochester 2006
    Rant and Raven in Rochester, 2006. "Chicken Jim shushing"
    Karin playing in Rochester, quite jet lagged
    Rochester Castle in 2006. Built 1066.
    Us in Seattle 2005. This party was barely begun....

    More Pictures here