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Seward Seaman's Mission
Last revised 03/30/09 - Feb 09 Newsletter

Welcome! We are a mission to the seafarers (crew members) who come to Anchorage, Seward, and Whittier, Alaska on cruise ships and freighters. Our latest newsletter is the February 2009 edition. Here is a picture of the Seward Seaman's Mission building in Seward.

Our Mission director, David Hawkins, has written a paper called "Leadership Guidelines for the Christian Fellowship Aboard - Bringing the Fragrance of Christ to the Cruise Ship Industry". Please review this document if you are a Bible Study Leader aboard a ship -- or if you are a Bible Study leader anywhere!

We provide Bibles and other materials to the men and women who stop by and visit. The seafarers love to 'call home', and we have 3 phones in Seward and 2 phones in Whittier for that purpose. In Seward, we also have a video library, music room, 3 e-mail stations, ping-pong room, barbeque, outdoor basketball court, and picnic deck.  In 2008, we had about 5975 visitors in Seward and Whittier. Click here for more statistics!

We were given a beautiful pencil drawing, 'Death of Christ', by Mr Maung, who came to Seward as a crewman on a coal ship.  We have been given another drawing which is now hanging in our Whittier Mission:  ‘I am the Way’, by Arlan.  Also, read an interesting testimony of Lucky, steward of the Cougar Ace, a ship which rolled in the North Pacific.

We publish a snail-mail newsletter a few times a year. If you'd like to subscribe to it, please send us your mailing address by E-mail! We invite you to browse through our web site and contact us for further information.  Please take a look at our published article about the life of the seafarer, called "The Dilemma" .

Take a few minutes to find out who we are (FAQ's) and what we do.

Our older newsletters are kept on the web, click here to see an index of the past editions.

Here is a link to some photos taken around the mission. We have scrap-books at the mission that are very popular reading material, and we can't hope to duplicate them here. However, to see some photos on our Yahoo! account, click = Check out our photos!

We always need help in reaching out to others. Please read how you can help us whether you are local to Alaska or not!

A freighter had a notice posted on the bulkhead about water consumption. We thought you would enjoy their style of writing. Remember, this is probably their third or fourth language! Click here


Our mailing address is:

PO Box 2742
Seward, AK 99664

Our Alaska phone number is 1-907-224-8482

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