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" Georgia, of all the B&B;s I’ve stayed at, I’ve never had anyone spoil me like you do…." Rod, Professor

"Your website doesn't do justice to your home - it's so spacious" Kevin, computer consultant

" If you keep cooking like this, I think I’ll just move in with you and never go home…" Chris, Lawyer

"Your home is an absolute showcase; it is immaculate …." Heidi, Secretary

"I’m going to miss your delicious breakfasts…" Priscilla, doctor

"We came as strangers; we're leaving as family" Jim and Ruth Brooks, engineer and consultant

"We’re going to recommend Sepel Hallow to all our friends back home – beautiful home, fun family…" Barb, Teacher

"Do you always have bears looking in your windows?" The Janes family

"Peace and tranquility, that’s what I feel here…" Darlene, Consultant

wpoem.gif (1222 bytes) A poem written by Bob Amick in 1998 after he and his wife Jo spent a week at Sepel Hallow

The Legend of Sepel Hallow
A few ticks after the Midnight Sun
Nearly when mankind first set foot in these parts,
Auke tribal legend tells us that the Raven Mother
flew down from her perch above the great glacier
and marked one spot as a haven for those who would
halt midst their journeys and take refuge.
The traveler - - - Raven Mother decreed - - - could pause
to savor the beauty of this tiny blessed plot,
or withdraw to restore energy sapped
by a willful world.
And it came to pass that this modest vale was
at random times, a place where the great bear family hibernated,
where hummingbirds sought strength in the nectar of wild flowers,
where Alaskan natives could sleep unseen
and in peace before resuming their travels.
It is said the Raven Mother’s wisdom and insight
have carried into these latter days,
That Sepel Hallow - - - while still supplying a place
for errant bears to browse on blueberries - - - has become
a travelers’ shelter from the stresses of
and the vagaries of weather’s whimsy.
It is said further that the spirit of the Raven Mother lives on
in she who presides over Sepel Hallow,
providing a sanctuary for travelers on the path of life.
Ramick - - 7/’98

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