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Imagine relaxing by a roaring fire sipping your favorite beverage in a natural rainforest as you gaze beyond the French doors at the lush greenery of the rainforest.

movies (1049 bytes) Although Sepel Hallow has cable TV and high speed internet, we also have over 50 videos, DVDs, musical instruments, art, and a broad selection of books including wildlife, philosophy, anthropology, law, medicine, religion and several popular novels.

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Sepel Hallow is fully prepared to meet the business traveler's needs or your companies retreat with reception room, High Speed/Wireless Internet, FAX and a copier available between 9 am and 9 pm.

transportation (1151 bytes) City bus transportation is available within a short walk. Local taxi service is only a phone call away. Or ask us about rental discounts from one of the local car dealers.

refreshments (1142 bytes) Tea, coffee and juice are available throughout the day or evening.

breakfast (1091 bytes) Breakfast is flexible depending upon the guests requests. Go to our Breakfast Faire page to see the complete menu available during the week and weekends.

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