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You say you like to explore your options before committing to any particular source of entertainment? Well, how about boating? Juneau is surrounded by water and ice. In fact, you can’t leave Juneau unless you fly or cruise. Sailing, fishing, whale watching or kayaking are all available by charter. We’ll be happy to recommend some great tours.

Other favorite outdoor sports during the spring and summer months are hiking and mountain biking lure the less fainthearted to the top of Mt. Jumbo and Mt. Juneau. Trails, mountains, river rafting all beckon the sports enthusiast throughout spring, summer and fall. For those less fit, there is a tram available to take you to the magnificent vista overlooking Gastineau Channel. Concerts, shopping, a restaurant and theatre are all awaiting your destiny at the top of Mt. Roberts. Or, if you enjoy seeing how one visionary decided he could protect and restore the ecology of the natural rainforest and mud slidden terrain of Thunder Mountain, you may wish to take a ride to the top of Glacier Gardens where one can see the incredible Chilkat Mountain Range and the Mendenhall Valley.

Want to relax and escape the chaos of the tourists and the noise of the cruise ships downtown? Plan an afternoon to lounge on the deck with a cool drink and observe the squirrels, birds and occasional deer and bear who lumber through Sepel Hallow's woods, once called "black bear country."

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