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Please come in. As you can see this is the Foyer. To your right behind the French doors is the Colonial room with queen bed, TV/VCR and a study desk. This room shares a bath with Crews Quarters. Besides being cozy, it also happens to be the warmest room in the house during winter.

small graphic of kitchen(2038 bytes) To my left is every chef’s delight – a kitchen with spacious tiled counters and no guessing where everything is because these cherry cabinets feature custom German glass panels making everything on the shelves visible. Oh, that wonderful aroma you smell is fresh ground Heritage coffee roasted right here in Juneau. Of course, we have tea and hot chocolate as well as juices if you aren’t a coffee person.

Watch your step. This is our Great Room. Although I've lived here since 1982, I completely remodeled the house in 1997. Guests are invited to lounge by the fireplace or in the conversation area while waiting for breakfast or after a long day of skiing or hiking. Depending on the season of the year determines where the dining area is located. With a room this large and so many French doors and windows looking out into the woods, we have endless opportunities to commune with nature.

During the cooler months, I prefer to have the dining area closer to the kitchen, where we can chat while I'm cooking.

In summer, I normally move the dining room to the other side of the great room so guests can enjoy the jays and squirrels and an occasional bear while eating breakfast. Oh, yes, many guests request to be served on the deck in the warmth of the sun.

Just around the corner from the Great Room and past the stairwell is the Guest Bathroom.

The first door here on my right is the Crews Quarters - It has very comfortable twin beds as well as a TV/VCR and private phone. It shares the bathroom with the Colonial room.

Behind this second door is the "Captain's Quarters" which has a queen size bed as well as a private bathroom, TV/VCR and guest phone. Most guests really enjoy the privacy of their own balcony during evenings.


Hope you enjoyed the tour, please call us at 907-789-5220 or e-mail for reservations.

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