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The Snipe hunting kit.


For generations people have been taken out Snipe hunting, (usually as kids) to catch the elusive little birds that run around on the ground at night. I was no different, I went on the snipe hunting trip and was left holding the bag. If you want to hear about my Snipe hunting trip click here.

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One day I was telling a friend about my snipe hunting trip and then he started telling me about his. We ended up talking about and reminiscing about our experiences for a long time. We had such a good time talking and laughing about it, I decided that it would be a great idea to make kit that would help bring back those fond memories for anyone that had ever gone Snipe hunting.

I have written a Snipe hunting Guidebook, and I have developed this Snipe hunting kit as a novelty item and that will do just that. Everyone that has purchased one absolutely loves them and the very first thing they say is "It brings back wonderful childhood memories".

Even though the kit is made to bring back memories of the good OL days, it can be a very effective tool to make those memories for the future.

There is tons of fun to have with this kit. You should have one of these kits for EVERYONE in the family. It is truly a great product that will treasured for generations.

This perfect gift is for anyone no matter what age. Whether you are a past Snipe hunter or a future Snipe hunter, or you are looking for a unique gift for any occasion, this Snipe hunting kit is just the thing for you.

It is designed for FUN, whether you want to actually go out and take someone Snipe hunting or just want to read the guidebook and share it with your friends, this kit will bring you many hours of enjoyment. It is the perfect item to have at parties where the kids are bored. It will entertain them for hours at a time.

The Snipe Hunting kit includes:

(1) Snipe Burlap bag (The finest that money can buy)

(1) Flashlight for the catcher (batteries not included)

(2) Snipe permits (to be filled out by the catcher)

The material for making the Snipe call.

(1) The Snipe hunting Guidebook.

The guidebook covers everything that you will need to know about Snipe hunting including the History of Snipe hunting , How to hunt Snipe, directions on how to make and blow the Snipe call.

There are a couple of other things that it has also but I will save those for a surprise when you get the kits.

I have also taken the Snipe hunting to another level for those interested. When the hunting trip is over, there are instructions in the guidebook for filling out a harvest report. If the harvest report is sent back to the Star Bound Magazine's office (called the Snipe Hunting Association in the guidebook) with the proper fee, we will send back a certificate that will certify the name on the report as having had their first Snipe hunt and was the one left holding the bag.

This is truly something to have and treasure for the years to come.

You can order the snipe kits by calling Star Bound Magazine at


Or you can call 1-866-snipekit (1-866-764-7354)

anytime 24 hrs a day. 7 days a week. If no one is in the office leave a message and we will return your call.

The cost of the kits are$12.95 plus $3.00 S/H

Please see the order form for shipping and handeling charges for more then one kit.

We can take your Visa or Mastercard over the phone and in most cases, mail you the kit the same day.

Or you can mail check or money order made out to" Star Bound Magazine":

Star Bound Magazine

1241 W. 27 th #560

Anchorage, AK 99503

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This snipe hunting kit is made in Alaska by Star Bound Magazine.

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Here are some pictures of what the Snipe Hunting Kit looks like.