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Tribal Elections

Members 18 and over are able to vote for delegates to represent their community who in turn elect the President and Vice Presidents.

Tribal Enrollment Committee

Left to Right:  Bertha Karras, Corinne Leach (deceased), Ernestine Kato, Cheryl Dodson, and Cyril George.  Not pictured:  David Leask.

Other Central Council Programs

Tribal Government, Tribal Enrollment, Cultural Preservation, Employment and Training, Housing, Native Lands and Resources, Health and Safety, Headstart, Human Services, Business, Subsistence, and Various Committees.



Program Purpose
To maintain tribal enrollment records, and enroll those persons of Tlingit and/or Haida descent.

Program Description
The program establishes eligibility and officially registers eligible persons as members of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Tribal members are issued a membership card which identifies their eligibility for tribal programs, such as Indian Health Services, Higher Education Services, Employment and Training Services, Social Services, Housing Assistance, etc.

The Enrollment Department works directly with the Central Council's Front Office staff coordinating the tribal elections. Delegates to the Central Council are elected according to the Rules of Election for Central Council. In turn, the Delegates elect the Executive Council and President of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.


  • Continue to refine filing system assuring accurate record keeping.

  • Updating membership information on a continuous basis.

  • Refine the enrollment computer database (eliminate duplicate records, and clean up records as appropriate).

  • Issue membership cards to those who have not received one.

  • Staff to have an information table at special events for the purpose of easing the enrollment process for eligible tribal members and to be available for inquiries.

Tribal Enrollment Process


  • Any Tlingit and/or Haida regardless of age that can show proof they are of Tlingit and/or Haida descent can apply for membership. 

  • There is no deadline for Enrollment.  Enrollment is an ongoing process.

 Geographical Restriction

  • There is no geographical restriction.  As long as the applicant is of Tlingit/Haida descent, they are eligible to apply for tribal membership.

Applicant Procedure

  • Request and complete an enrollment application from Enrollment office;

  • Attach original State certified copy of birth certificate, listing parents with application.  Birth certificate will be returned to sponsor;

  • A Signed and Notarized Affidavit of Paternity is required if father is Native and not on original State certified copy of birth certificate;

  • Affidavits of Personal Knowledge is required; if parent/s and grandparent/s are not enrolled, relative or friends who are enrolled will need to sign and have notarized affidavits of attesting to applicant of being Tlingit and/or Haida blood.

 Tribal Enrollment Committee

  • The Enrollment Committee consists of five delegates from various communities; David Leask- Chairperson, Seattle; Cyril George Vice-Chairperson, Juneau; Cheryl Dodson, Ketchikan; Bertha Karras, Sitka; and Ernestine Kato, Klawock;

  • The Committee does the actual certification of enrollment;

  • They meet three to four times a year.

  Membership Identification Cards

  • The membership card identifies tribal members as enrolled members with a federally recognized tribe;

  • Membership cards are automatically issued to certified new members approximately 4 weeks after the Enrollment Committee meets;

  • Replacement cards are $5.00.  Id request forms are available upon request.

Enrollment Summary

  • Application is submitted to Enrollment Office;

  • Application is reviewed by Enrollment Staff, if necessary, additional documentation is requested;

  • Application, when complete, is submitted to the next scheduled Enrollment Committee Meeting;

  • Tribal Enrollment Committee either approves or disapproves the application;

  • Applicant is notified of Committee action;

  • Applicants are entered into the Tlingit and Haida database and if approved issued Tlingit and Haida membership cards;

  • Application is then microfilmed and filed;

  • All Blood Quantum correction requests are reviewed and considered for corrections only by the Enrollment Committee.


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