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With protected waters, abundant marine life, glaciers, mountains, and scenic coves and bays, you'll adventure in some of the best scenery in Alaska’s Inside Passage!


Travel Dates: To be determined. Tell us when you'd like to visit

Cruise length: Choose from suggested two-, three-, or six-day cruises, or customize the length. If specific cruises are scheduled, they will be announced.

Juneau area wilderness waters: If you're not familiar with Alaska's Inside Passage waters near Juneau, you will want to refer to this map, for starters. The map will help you locate points on the sample itineraries.

Destination: Taku Harbor

Special two-days-for-one adventure! 

Here's a chance to get an up close view of the uninhabited coastlines of the Inside Passage and witness the varied antics of Alaska’s marine mammals.  Cruise in style and comfort aboard the M/V VALKYRIE during this two-day cruise between Juneau and Taku Harbor.  While the M/V Valkyrie is at anchor for the evening in Taku Harbor you can explore the shoreline with seacycles and kayaks, walk the beach, fish, photograph, relax, and enjoy the calm surroundings. 

 We'll leave at 9:00 am on the first day and return at 6:00 pm the second day - you choose the dates. Cost of $685/person for this two-days-for one cruise includes everything except  alcoholic beverages (but you are welcome to bring your own), Alaska fishing license, should you decide to fish (we sell Alaska fishing licenses), and optional gratuity (10 - 20%).  A small amount to cover taxes during the time we are in Juneau waters will be added to your price. For this adventure, the minimum number of guests is four.

More Sample itineraries: These are some sample adventures, which can be developed further to your specifications. Our goal is to show you just what you're looking for, as well as some of our most favorite areas.

A sample Six-day Adventure - Juneau to Petersburg:

Day 1 Depart from Aurora Harbor  (Juneau) Cruise Stephens Passage and Lynn Canal to Swanson Harbor
Day 2 Depart Swanson Harbor Cruise Chatham Straits to Tenakee Inlet, visit Tenakee Springs
Day 3 Depart Tenakee Inlet Cruise Chatham Strait to the village of Angoon, anchor in Hood Bay
Day 4 Depart Hood Bay Cruise Chatham Strait to Baranof Warm Springs Bay, hike to the lake and enjoy the hot springs, anchor in Pybus Bay
Day 5 Depart Pybus Bay Cruise Frederick Sound, anchor in Gambier Bay
Day 6 Depart Gambier Bay Cruise Frederick Sound past Five Finger Lighthouse to Francis Anchorage
Day 7 Depart Francis Anchorage Cruise among Frederick Sound icebergs to your Petersburg destination

A sample Three-day Adventure - the Stephens Passage area:

Day 1 Depart from Aurora Harbor (Juneau), 10 am Cruise Stephens Passage to Gambier Bay
Day 2 Depart Gambier Bay Cruise and whalewatch as we cross to Holkam Bay
Day 3 Depart Holkam Bay Check out Tracy or Endicott Arm icebergs and glaciers, then cruise  Stephens Passage to Taku Harbor
Day 4 Depart Taku Harbor Cruise Stephens Passage, return to Aurora Harbor, downtown Juneau by 11 am

For another example, see the sample Icy Straits Adventure on the whalewatch page.

A sample Two-day Adventure - Lynn Canal:

Day 1 Depart from Aurora Harbor, 10 am Cruise Stephens Passage and Lynn Canal to Funter Bay, explore the area
Day 2 Depart Funter Bay Cruise Lynn Canal and Icy Straits, visit the Sister's Island humpback whales, anchor in Swanson Harbor, seacycle over an anemone garden, and bottom fish.
Day 3 Depart Swanson Harbor Photograph wildlife, cruise Lynn Canal to Auke Bay, arrive about 11:00 am

For another example, see the sample Three-day Fishing Adventure on the fishing page. The fishing adventure remains in one area, and you fish from F/V HIGH ROLLER and other smaller vessels.

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