Aurius Web Design - Custom Graphic and Site Design


Most Alaska and Colorado web site design firms are currently charging $75 to $125 per hour. Aurius has found that our flat rate fee for design is great for our clients because they know up front what their custom web site is going to cost. There are no "open ended" billing surprises when Aurius designs your web site.

We help you identify how many pages you'll need to effectively do business online, you sign up, we generate original graphics and a theme for your web site, insert your information and send you the site for proofing. You examine your site, send us a list of any corrections or changes, and we implement your suggestions and launch a web site you're proud to call your own.

Web Site Design $ 300.00 for the first page, $100 to $150 for each additional inside page
(price difference depends on your particular needs, extra picures, etc.

We bid each site seperately according to your specific needs.

Updates/Modifications $60.00 per hour
Logo Design (if needed) $60.00 per hour

Internet Marketing

If you want to be successful on the World Wide Web, competent Internet marketing is just as important as quality web design. Aurius Web Design has a strategic alliance with Mr. Web Guru, who is an International renowned Internet Marketing specialist and arguably the top SEO Expert in the world. He knows all the marketing tips, tricks and secrets as well as what not to do so your site doesn't risk any penalties for spammy or questionable tactics. One consultation with our Search Engine Marketing Guru and you will rest assured that your sites destiny is in the hands of an expert!

We recommend to each of our clients to take advantage of our site optimization and Search Engine Marketing plans. These services are available to any that are in need but Aurius Web design clients receive a 10% discount on all Mr. Web Guru marketing services.

Web Site Optimization $ 100.00 per page

Indexing and announcing $ 400.00

Ongoing Search Engine Marketing Work $ 100.00 per hour

You can see all of his SEO, SEM and Internet marketing services here

Please ask for a free marketing consultation. We'll diagnose the current marketability of your site and prescribe a proven formula for success. Or if you contact Mr. Web Guru directly, don't forget to mention if you are one of Aurius' clients so you can get your 10% discount.