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Stampede Trail photo

Why mountain biking? This fast growing sport offers a new way for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy our great State. The opportunities are almost endless, hiking trails, old mining roads and trails, 4-wheeler trails, logging and woodcutting roads, gravel and dirtroads. That's just the summer, in winter multiply the number of trail miles by 100 at least as all the snowmachiners (snowmobiles or snowgo's to you non-Alaskan's) and dogmusher's set trail.
Explore this web site for a brief introduction to equipment and techniques and for descriptions and photos of some great trips I have taken. More trips and information will be added in the future so check back. This site is mainly about winter mountain biking but does contain some summer ride descriptions.
For more pictures of winter biking and other Alaskan activities visit my Flickr Photo Album, over 250 pictures and growing.
Disclaimer: Always carry appropriate gear ( clothing, tools, food and water ) and most important carry the means to start a fire and know how to use them. You and you alone are responsible for your safety whenever biking. Some of these trails may cross private property or mining claims. The author has not researched to ownership of these lands. If you have any doubt, do not proceed without first obtaining permission from the owner.
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